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Gemstones and their Ayurvedic Powers

Date Added: August 24, 2012 06:29:11 PM
Author: Nicky Thomas
Category: Gemstones
There is more to gemstones than purely brilliance in beautiful crowns and jewels. From the earliest civilizations, certain precious stones have long been thought to have metaphysical powers. They had an abundance of uses in healing and sacramental and ritualistic rites. It was only sometime later that gems were treasured for their beauty and attractiveness in adornment such as jewelry. In some societies, gemstones had been connected to astrology and the 9 planets. Many argued that there was no relationship between gemstones and planets and that it was all superstition and religious beliefs, but others have pointed out that there is scientific evidence behind planetary gemology research. These studies have indicated that the cosmic color spectrums emitted by the distinct planets, are very similar to the corresponding gem's own color spectrums. They further argue that through these gems, the human body can take in the cosmic power of that planet. The gem becomes a filtration process producing good or evil results depending on the individual's needs. It is well known that crystals used in radio technology are vital in transmitting, receiving and transforming unseen energy into audio. The crystal atomic makeup of gem stones are also thought to draw and concentrate the planetary energies that bombard our world and that these gems can alter this energy for us if we place them next to our physiques. Vedic astrology for illustration, connects the 9 chief gems with the nine planets. This is the oldest astrology historically recorded, believed to be over 7000 years old. They thought that there was an association between celestial bodies in our solar system and the human body, and that the placements of these planets relative to each other also had an affect on us such as the moon's stages are liable for the tides in our oceans. Their astrology research indicated that each planet has its own celestial color and energy and that they transmit these colored rays through the solar system with their energy-bestowing properties of heat, magnetism and electricity. It would hence be felt by every living entity on earth. The Vedic beliefs state that the attributes of good gems must be an inward luster, brilliance with rays, transparency, absense of impurities, good structure of shape and scintillation. If the gemstone cannot achieve these criteria, it is disregarded. Good gems ensure good fortune, prosperity and accomplishment. A low quality gem brings bad luck and tribulation as well as other unwanted evils. Gems these days are graded differently to ascertain value, but once more hue, clarity and durability of the stones are among the favored qualities, as they were many centuries ago. The nine astrological gems linked to planets are as follows: The Ruby is related with the Sun, the Pearl with the Moon, Red Coral with Mars, the Emerald and Mercury, Yellow Sapphire with Jupiter, the Diamond with Venus, Blue Sapphire with Saturn, and representing the 2 lunar nodes is Hessonite Garnet. A more contemporary addition is tanzanite which is believed to strengthen Saturn's powers. Over the centuries, additional gem stones were added to represent the twelve signs of the zodiac and this in due course resilted in the popularity in birthstones which have numerous elucidations following modern day, traditional or Ayurvedic which is the old Indian philosophy based on Vedic astrology.
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